1000 words…

I am so excited. I can hardly think. I am currently on a journey of self exploration after 16 years of “dying to self” and “sacrificing myself for the Kingdom” God has me on a journey of discovering who I am. In the process he is redefining my understanding of “dying to self”. God never intended those verses to be used by modern men to abuse his beloved children. He never intended us to cease being individuals, people with passions and desires. He simply was asking if we would put him above our literal need for self preservation. When it came down to it would I choose him or my right to breathe? Man then used his words and twisted them to enslave me in a never ending cycle of killing my heart and my personality for the “sake of the kingdom”. God is restoring what one man had tried to destroy and is rekindling my heart and with it my passions. He has opened my eyes to a world that I had no idea i was a part of. I am an artist, a photographer and in 2 days I will have my very own, very first high-tech camera!! Ahhhhhhhh!!! Not only that but starting tomorrow I will be taking a photography class at our local community college to learn how to use my new “toy”. This is literally a dream come true. I love pictures…I love taking pictures….and I am beyond excited to finally get to do something that brings my heart out so deeply. I am excited to see how this unlocks my inner person…Excited to see the world, my children, God’s creation through the eyes of my lenses and excited to attempt to capture that beauty as only I can see it so that I can share how I see the world with those around me. EEEEEKKKKK!!!!!!! Adventure awaits!

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  1. So so happy to hear this! The vibrancy in your tone is a refreshing breath of Jesus alive in the gifts He has blessed you with.


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